A step in the wrong direction; Still a light at the end of the tunnel.

Back up files! Create restore points! Seriously, do that. Right now. Computer-crippling viruses aren’t much fun.

I recently needed to restore my computer due to a very unfriendly virus. This particular virus wouldn’t let me reach any restore points though, or let me even do some of Window’s most basic commands. Long story short, I had to reinstall Windows and clear literally everything. As far as Back From Ashes goes, not the best news. Unless I restart from scratch, there is no way to continue. It took weeks to develop the 3D surroundings, and now I don’t even have the software to create it on anymore. I’m down, but not out.

I decided to work on something less time-consuming, but still interesting and unique to me. Enter Steam; a game where a small robot must match harmonies created by a computer. Different valves around you release different notes, and by opening the valves you have to seek the correct notes that make up the harmony. A simple but different kind of game.  Only tricky part of the bit is making sure all the volume levels work out, as sound is vital to the game.




One Response to “A step in the wrong direction; Still a light at the end of the tunnel.”

  1. This sounds bad. I presume also the Atara files were harmed by this. Do you still work on it, or did you abort the project? Best wishes for your work.

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