New “Back From Ashes” Demo. Chapter 1 is now finished.

Getting back to work again on “Back From Ashes” feels strange. For one, I’ve been away from the computer so long that my mind needs a refresher on how I got everything to work in the first place. Secondly, with Nintendo’s 3DS coming out in a month, I wonder how the DS homebrew scene will change. But I plan to finish. So onwards!

Can’t believe I haven’t written since November. Wow. Anyway, I finished a demo that includes the 1st chapter of the game (the majority of the chapter at any rate. might expand it down the road). Took me a good while to clean up the UI and get it working correctly. I hope it’s user-friendly enough after all the reworking I did from the previous adventure games I’ve made.

The demo is available to download here.

Till next time. Hopefully it’s not another 3 months.


2 Responses to “New “Back From Ashes” Demo. Chapter 1 is now finished.”

  1. I hope Atara has not died in the meantime, like so many others did before. The last thing I heard about it was that it was almost completed and should be released in winter 2010. It really looked great, and the sound was even better. All the best for you and your projects.

    • mindwavegames Says:

      Not dead, but the engine used to run it suffers a lot of compatibility problems at the current stage. In the meantime though, I am still building new areas and bits to it. I’ll at least have new screenshots/video of it up shortly, and when the compatibility problems are fixed I’ll reupload a cleaner demo. In the meantime, the demo currently available is only certain to run on Windows Vista (and I’ve heard some people even have difficulty running it on that).

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