Where I stand today.

It has been a while…a long while since I updated this here blog. Here’s everything in a nutshell:

Cell has been completed sometime around July. It turned out okkaayy, but for the most part was disappointing to me. For those interested for some reason, the free download is here: http://filetrip.net/f12112-Cell-1-1.html

After Cell, I began working with PC games. Starting by porting The Fifteenth Floor, and recreating it in high resolution. A much, much slower and time consuming process than working with the DS handheld. Still underway.

In addition, I began a Exile-like game named Atara. It features panoramic movement and a photo-realistic environment. A demo was made, and gained interest of lovers of the Myst genre but not terribly enjoyable to everyone else. I USED to have a website for that, but websites cost money to maintain. Money that I do not have! You can read/get the demo/watch gameplay/learn more about Atara here: http://www.gameboomers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/670141/1.html

Lastly is another new thing: A sequel to The Fifteenth Floor. Called “Back From Ashes”, it has a slightly different/more friendly interface with a lengthier plot and crisper graphics (Some graphics in TFF were stretched, muddied up, and didn’t do the original artwork justice.) Peeky:

Till next time!


6 Responses to “Where I stand today.”

  1. I don’t like the buttons, but I love the environment. It looks real.

  2. mindwavegames Says:

    I’ll change that then, I’m not a fan of them either. They were just handy since they were in the Resources folder.

  3. Getting stuck on Cell. Is there a walkthrough?

    • mindwavegames Says:

      Sorry, no walkthrough was ever made. If you give me details though, I’ll be glad to help.

      • Wolfgange Says:

        Yeah, I’m stuck too. I read the diary, saw that you die if you pull the lever, found the key you have no use for, noticed the coffin you can’t open, saw the severed heads by the clue of #=death, saw the spot something goes in, found the lock thing, but I can’t figure out where to pick anything up. also, I tried using all the hands on like everything. Do you start out with items in your inventory? I also have broken L+R keys so I can’t view the inventory. i doubt it, but can you simply change inventory to like start and post the file please? Thanks a lot.

      • mindwavegames Says:

        I don’t think I have the original source to edit controls unfortunately, but here’s the logic between the #=death clue. It seems to be most common clue people don’t understand. I’ll tell you this, look for a number that associates someone’s death with a number. Then find a way you can use that number. If you’re still stuck, there’s a spoiler below. Good luck!

        [SPOILER!] Death = a number: Look for the day the girl died in the diary (this was entry was not written by the girl). Turn this date into a number in MM/DD/YY fashion. Now use that number on the safe. It will unlock. The number is 050123. I know it’s a stretch, my ‘logic’ wasn’t that great when I made this game.[SPOILER!]

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