Demos (I suppose you can call it that)

I’ve been working on about 3 different demos for Cell, all with different layouts and mechanics. For instance: one demo has the inventory on top, one is triggered by the L shoulder button, and one use sprites on the touch screen. It would be ideal to have the inventory on top, since the top screen is pretty bland and uninteresting to me. As there as been a lack of photographic progress on my latest game, here’s some screens:


6 Responses to “Demos (I suppose you can call it that)”

  1. Nice screens! How exactly do you make them?

    Can’t wait to play the final release… 😛

    • mindwavegames Says:

      The screens? I just use the Print Screen function in no$gba.

      • Ehh… No, not the posting of the screens (which is very obvious).

        I was asking about the design of the gfx. They look…. real/3D.
        Do you use a 3D graphics making program?

  2. mindwavegames Says:

    Sorry. You said “screens” so I thought that was what you meant. As I posted earlier in my blog, I use a program called Anim8tor. Very quick way to get decent 3D graphics without having talent!

  3. Nice work Tom.

    You’re still using DSGM for this?

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